I intend to place the results of various works on this webpage, highlighting the results of mini projects, ongoing projects, and more. So, for those who are reading, thank you!

All of the work that I have been doing over the years has been extremely fun, eye opening, and a great experience altogether!

A little bit about me. I love watching TV; I like Football and Basketball; I love the UFC MMA. Hopefully, that doesn’t scare you. :smirk:

A Small Bucket List (Will grow in the future)

  • Attend a UFC match.
  • Visit the 7 modern and ancient wonders of the world.

Also, has anyone actually worn a hoodie and feel warm? Not me.

Did I mention I love quotes related to life? Here’s one that sticks with me.

“If you love it, you’ll teach yourself. If you don’t love it, others will teach you”

—Yukitaka Yamaguchi

Thanks for reading!